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The Nashville Titans is a youth football and cheer program for Madison Youth Sports; a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded and established in Madison, Tennessee in 2010. We are a proud member of the Tennessee Youth Football Alliance, USA Football and the Metro Parks Youth Sports League. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for the youth in the Madison area, ages 5-12, to experience and become active in youth sports and athletics by participating in supervised youth basketball and football competitions, and cheering activities throughout the Nashville area, with an emphasis and special interest on our underprivileged and at-risks youth in the community. Our program has a saying, "If a child wants to play, they won't be turned away." We believe that every child should be given a chance. That's The Titan's Way!

With our certified staff of experienced volunteer coaches, our organization's primary objective is to introduce, teach and develop fundamental techniques and competitive skills in youth basketball, football and cheerleading. This task is accomplished through the leadership of competent and qualified coaching, encouraging teamwork, effort, accountability and confidence in all of our youth. Through participation, our program promotes these values by instilling self worth and determination. According to the National Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, fun from participation in youth athletics is likely to increase the appeal of sports and decrease the appeal of alternative activities (e.g. gangs, at-risk behaviors). Our goal is for each child to be afforded a fun and enjoyable experience in youth sports and athletics.

Our organization has formed partnerships with local businesses and several elementary and middle schools in the Madison area as an initiative to promote youth involvement in community sports and athletics, and to provide a fitness alternative in the cause against youth obesity. Our program is committed to our children, and we believe that support for our youth is an investment in our future. Because the majority of our youth are the underprivileged and at-risk children in the community, public and private funding is essential for our program to provide organized youth basketball, football and cheerleading in Madison. This allows many of our youth to be involved in a constructive and positive activity instead of the potentially negative consequences of the community streets.

The Titan's Way encompasses working together, accountability, performance and the acceptance of shared values to achieve a common goal. This organizational philosophy gives the youth participating in our program a sense of individual responsibility that will encourage the commitment to follow through on their path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment. To achieve this goal, we believe that youth must have positive modeling in a caring and supportive environment that promotes their best effort and reinforces individual and shared discipline, esteem and respect. Children must have the opportunity to participate in sports regardless of race, gender or income. In response, Madison Youth Sports provides the program and activities necessary for the children in the Madison area to have an equal opportunity to participate in organized sports.

The Titan's Way is ultimately a "Win-Win!" We believe in working together and supporting our partnerships. In doing so, we promote and encourage our members to support our partners and their respective establishments. We also encourage our members to participate in other youth sport activities that are provided in the community, i.e. track, softball and baseball. Given that the majority of our youth attend the middle schools and uttimately the High School in the Madison area, we work with the school's coaches and administrations to prepare our youth to transition into their respective athletic programs.

With our experienced staff of volunteers, the focus of our youth sports program is to offer opportunity and promote participation for the youth in the Madison area, with special  emphasis on our low income, at-risk and underprivileged children in the community.

Our organizational goal is to provide the children in the Madison community the opportunity to participate and to attain fundamental instruction and a positive experience in youth basketball, football and cheerleading. We understand the importance of providing good role models and a positive environment for our youth, which in return gives each child an opportunity to build friendships, mold character, develop positive attitudes, learn good sportsmanship, teamwork and team spirit. Our program's commitment to excellence is a dedication to developing strength of character, promoting brotherhood/sisterhood, respect and self-discipline in all of the youth that participate.

 Our Organizational Objectives are as follows:

* Provide the Madison youth an opportunity to participate in sports and athletics i.e. basketball, football and cheerleading for ages 5 - 12.
* Assist youth in attaining fundamental instructions and competitive skills in sports and athletics.
* Provide good role models and a positive environment for our youth to develop and learn.  
* Increase participation in youth sports and recreation programs in the Madison area.
* Provide our youth a fun and positive experience in sports.

Our Mission

The mission of Madison Youth Sports is to provide the children in the Madison area an opportunity to experience and participate in organized youth sports and athletics, with emphasis on the disadvantaged and at-risks youth in the community, increasing both sport participation and fitness opportunities for the youth in the area by the pursuit of the following principles:

* T eamwork: We inspire and encourage social interaction to develop friendships, interpersonal skills, confidence, and the acceptance of shared values to achieve a common goal.
* I nitiative: Our focus is to empower our youth to be leaders, to be accountable in honoring commitments and achieving goals.
* T utoring: We expand the perspective of our youth through instruction and mentoring to make them aware of their potential and possibilities.
* A ccountability: Our program promotes individual and shared accountability. We instruct our youth to be dependable and disciplined.
* N etworking: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. We surround our youth in a caring, inclusive environment.
* S uccess: The Titan's Way is performance and achievement. We instill a sense of pride and accomplishment as a foundation for a promising future.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to provide a service for the youth in the Madison community with the resources and the means to provide an opportunity for boys and girls to participate and have the best experience in youth sports and athletics. 

Keys to Success

The success of our program is assured with the generosity and support from the local organizations and businesses in our community. The funding and assistance from sponsors, fundraisers, and the donations from our supporters are the lifeline of our program. In addition, the partnerships that we have established with the Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, and several businesses in the Madison area have provided our program with resources such as a location for our sign-ups, a practice area and our home field. Thanks to their support and belief in our vision, our program is able to provide our services to the many boys and girls in the Madison community and the surrounding areas.

Madison Youth Sports is a community based non-profit organization, and we realize that our youth program can only be as strong as its support. We appreciate the consideration of our sponsors and supporters.  


Nashville Titans
P.O. Box 10 
Madison, Tennessee 37116

Phone: 615-977-9308
Email: [email protected]

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